Our vision for Reconciliation

Australia’s story begins with the oldest continuing cultures on the planet. Across an awe-inspiring timespan of more than 65,000 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have created knowledge as Australia’s first scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. The songlines of this country are intricate scientific knowledge systems. Deep STEM expertise is embedded in active management of Country, farming, food production and medicine, deep knowledge of how to use fire in the landscape, engineering systems deployed in dams and fish traps, management of water resources, the development of technology in tools and aerodynamics, expertise in astronomy and navigation systems, and the design of sophisticated knowledge systems safeguarded through culture, leadership, authority and law.

As the peak body for the science and technology sector, Science & Technology Australia honours this long tradition. Our vision is for a reconciled and united Australia. A nation which faces the truth of our past with honesty and courage. A nation which works to continually strive for justice and bring healing to those who live with pain and trauma. A nation that stands together against racism and discrimination. And a nation which sees the inspiring first cultures of this land as a great source of pride for all Australians.

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In May 2023, Science & Technology Australia launched our latest Reconciliation Action Plan.

Download it here (PDF 11MB)

Launch of our 2023-2025 RAP

In May 2023, Science & Technology Australia formally launched our Innovate: Reconciliation Action Plan. Watch the full event online.

A colourful Aboriginal artwork: On a white background, the centrepiece looks like a colourful sun, represent people and their coming together, which represents the connection Science and Technology Australia (STA) has with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture.

About the artwork

Lani Balzan is a Wiradjuri artist who developed the artwork “The Journey” for Science & Technology Australia’s 2023—2025 Reconciliation Action Plan.

The artwork represents the connection Science & Technology Australia has with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture, overall it is the focus of Science & Technology Australia and the importance of our Reconciliation journey.

Building relationships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people by developing respectful, trusting relationships and acknowledging the culture.

The artwork centrepiece represents Science & Technology Australia as a whole, a feeling of connection to science and technology such electrons and protons. It represents Science & Technology Australia’s connection and commitment to its Reconciliation journey. The symbols surrounding the centrepiece signify the coming together of people. You can read more about the artwork by downloading our latest RAP.

Our business

Science & Technology Australia is the nation’s peak body for science and technology. A not-for-profit body, we represent more than 115,000 scientists and technologists working across all scientific disciplines and sectors through our 144 member organisations. This includes three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander member organisations: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA), DeadlyScience and the Indigenous Climate Change (ICC).

Our mission is to advance the public good and strengthen society through advocacy, education, outreach, and programs to advance the role of science and technology to help solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. This includes our flagship programs Science Meets Parliament, Superstars of STEM, STEM Ambassadors Program, and policy advice on issues affecting the STEM sector. We amplify the public contribution of science and bring together scientists, governments, industry and the broader community.

Located on Ngunnawal Ngambri Country in the nation’s capital, Science & Technology Australia engages with Parliamentarians, the Office of the Chief Scientist, scientific academies, Government agencies, granting bodies, and key players in industry to advance Australia’s scientific capabilities. We have 12 staff members (11 FTE), none of whom identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

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A orange circular Aboriginal artwork on a white background