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Life Extension, Science and Technology Party (LESTp)

Philip Rhoades Last Updated: 2015-04-07

The Quick Summary

  1. If life is worth living, why would you want it to stop? The other side of that coin is: If life is not worth living, why should a Bronze Age world view prevent you from having your body or brain frozen when you decide the timing is optimum?
  2. If we want 1. and we also want to continue to survive as biological people, then we need to conserve as much as possible of the remaining natural environment i.e. species numbers and individual species diversity is the key - we are currently well into the World’s Sixth Mass Extinction.
  3. If we want to address the problems in 2. then we (Australia in particular) need to allocate significantly more resources to Scientific and Technological Research and Development.

Why a New Political Party?

Australia, similarly to other Western democracies, is being very badly served by its political parties. Either those parties are recalcitrant (if not downright obstructionist) to the new demands on representatives needing to deal with the existential problems that “civilisation” faces or they are incapable of action because of systemic paralysis.


The cost, in both economic and human terms, of Australians aging badly (with a poor quality of life) is enormous and not enough resources are being allocated to address the tidal wave of physical decrepitude and mental decline that is occurring. The corollary of this situation is that when modern Science and Medicine have reached their limits of being useful, and life is no longer worth living, people are left in a legal minefield about how to go about ending their lives simply and peacefully. The LESTp is being set up out of the general frustration with politicians and political parties, who, for many years, have refused to seriously address these issues. The coming “Dementia Tsunami” is not even being discussed, let alone seriously dealt with by the people that now run this country. Also, NO governing party in recent decades has acted on the long-standing and clear demand from the overwhelming majority of voters in Australia, for real action on Voluntary Euthanasia (VE) legislation. If a rational adult decides that life is not worth living, then they should be allowed to end their lives permanently (via VE) or better (in my opinion), to have a PreMortem Cryonic Suspension (PMCS - via Vitrification) with the hope of a future revival and rejuvenation.

My view is that the inaction of elected representatives on these health and aging issues is part of a much bigger problem which needs dealing with - the abysmal support by the Federal Government for Research AND Development into vitally important areas for the future of Australia (and the rest of the World) - particularly into the areas contributing to human aging and the technologies and treatments that might slow aging down and prevent the worst of its debilitating effects.

This larger problem is set in a backdrop of yet an even larger problem - the world’s Sixth Mass Extinction of species - which is occurring now. There are many reasons why this is happening - all of them to do with human exploitation of the natural environment and population growth but the elephant in the room is the inability of or the willingness by governments to take Global Warming and Habitat Destruction seriously and to actually do something effective about it. If we don’t preserve what’s left of the natural environment, trying to extend Human health and longevity will be academic.

If I can generate enough enthusiasm for the LESTp on the LESTp Forum and by other means, then I intend to stand as a Senate candidate for NSW at the next Federal Election, and I will also be hoping to be able to run candidates in the other states as well.

The Fundamental Planks of the LESTp Platform

The LESTp aims to:

  1. (a) Extend the duration and the quality of life for all Australians. (b) Enact Federal and State law reforms that allow rational adults to determine the nature and timing of their own deaths or Pre-Mortem Cryonic Suspensions (PMCSs).
  2. Progressively expand the Federal Government’s expenditure on Scientific, Technological and Medical Research and Development until it reaches 4% of GDP.
  3. Take all measures that will ensure a Renewable Energy usage rate of 20% (of total energy produced) by 2020 and 100% by 2030.

Further Additions to the LESTp Platform

Appropriate further additions to the Platform can come about from discussions that are thrashed out on the LESTp Forum, that is by the LESTp “Brains Trust” (see below).

LESTp Web Site Forum and Party Members

The LESTp Forum is for people who are interested in discussing the future of LESTp and it’s policies and are therefore potential LESTp members, that is, they will be generally in agreement with The Platform - spammers and trolls will not be tolerated. If the LESTp is formalised before the next Federal Election (due in 2016), and Forum members want to become LESTp members, then they would need to commit to supporting The Platform before being validated as Party Members (a Party Membership fee might also need to be paid but we aim to keep the cost of joining the party to zero for as long as possible and do other fund raising to pay for running costs).

Potential Items for Forum Discussion

  • Is there a demand for the LESTp ? - POSTED
  • Could the LESTp be politically successful? - POSTED
  • How realistic is getting Australian R&D up to 4% of GP? - POSTED
  • How realistic are the renewable energy targets? - POSTED
  • Should the LESTp swap preferences with the VE Party? - POSTED
  • Is VE or a PMCS a human right? - POSTED
  • Health related services and products are now Australia’s largest high-tech export earner - we should accelerate this trend. - POSTED
  • Out of eight countries who had an average Life Expectancy at Birth of 82+ (World Bank, 2012), Australia spent the second most amount of cash needed to achieve this result (only Switzerland spent more to achieve a similar result and the leading country, Singapore, spent less than half as much as Australia). It should be possible, by smarter management, to reduce the Health Dollars Spent per Capita and still continue to increase Life Expectancy as well as extending a good quality of life further into “old age” for all Australians. - POSTED
  • A normal, rational adult should not need to get the “permission” from doctors and psychiatrists if they decide that their life is not worth living anymore.
  • Rash, spur of the moment, end-of-life decisions can be avoided without needing “permission” from outside professionals.
  • Should the the “Lisette Nigot Option” be supported? - healthy but not wanting to lose personal control of the situation and having the decision taken out of one’s hands - so opting for VE earlier than necessary because of the current legislative environment.
  • Is chronic suffering acceptable as a reason to allow VE / PMCS? Shouldn’t chronic, incurable depression and a resulting miserable life be also an acceptable reason for VE / PMCS?
  • If PHR is elected, and there is not real progress with legislation, then maybe a “civil disobedience” VE / PMCS “event” could be arranged for PHR in Parliament House before the end of his term?
  • Israel currently has the lead in percentage of GDP investment in R&D at 4.2% - why isn’t Australia capable of matching that? (it is currently at 1.7%).
  • The power of Bronze Age superstitions over Western legislators needs to be reduced and eliminated. Should the LESTp swap preferences with the Secular Party? Pirate Party? Future Party?
  • Should the LESTp support ZPG / NPG?
  • “” subsumed into this site
  • BioDiesel - OMEGA Project


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